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How to monetize your blogpost?

Different ways to monetize your blogpost

Is your goal to generate additional income online? In that case, you should know that it is possible to monetize your blog. Here is our selection of the most effective ways to monetize your blogpost:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Advertising space
  • Creation and publication of sponsored content
  • Selling ebooks
  • Creating online courses
  • Launching a subscription club

1. Affiliate marketing: have you thought about it?

Affiliate marketing is a common way for bloggers to make money online. Depending on the advertisers and the type of product being promoted, the blogger can earn anywhere from 5% to 70% commission. These links will be used to promote the advertisers’ services and products. You can embed them in the text of your blog, in the banners, or in other advertising inserts. When reading your blog post, the reader will click on the link. You will then receive a percentage if they buy the product or service. You can go to an affiliation platform like Awin, System.io, Effiliae, or 1TPE to find programs that correspond to your theme.

2. Create sponsored contents

If you know how to write a review, advertise a product or highlight it with an infographic, you will be able to make your talents profitable with your blog. Creating sponsored content means talking about an advertiser’s brand, touting their product or service. You create content that will generate sales for them, then you publish it on your blog. The advertiser will pay you a fee for your service. The advertiser may ask for some modifications before publication. Or they may submit the sponsored content for you to post on your blog. Whatever the case, make sure that you cover a topic that is of interest to your blog’s target audience. The sponsored content you submit should always be consistent with your blog’s editorial line. Your blog must have a lot of traffic to attract advertisers. This way, you can easily stand out from your competitors.

3. Setting up advertising spaces

The first way to make money with a blogpost is to advertise. Here, it is about making online advertising for your blog can be profitable. This technique is especially effective for blogs that have a high traffic rate. If this is your case, online advertising will surely help you monetize your blogpost.

You should already know that a blog, whatever it is, can use advertising display networks. We are talking about : Google AdSense, InfoLinks, Media.net, and PropellerAds. The latter offer retargeting through Google Ads. They also offer site portfolios to different advertisers.

By advertising online, you can be paid in different ways:
CPC: with the cost per click, you will be paid according to the clicks obtained on the advertisement. So, the more clicks you get, the more money you earn.
CPM: also known as the cost per 1000 impressions of the ad.
CPV: the cost per view will make you money thanks to the number of views on the ad.
CPL or cost per lead. The goal of an online advertisement is to generate contact and attract the interest of prospects. The more leads you manage to generate, the more you will be paid.
CPS: the cost per sale concerns the number of sales made thanks to your advertising. You will have to be paid accordingly.
CPI or cost per installation: when you advertise an application or a mobile video game for example, you will be paid according to the number of effective installations of it.

4. Sell e-books to your audience

Selling e-books is another way to monetize your blog. E-books are easy to create. Moreover, its price is accessible, and therefore, all visitors will be able to buy it. Your targets will then be able to judge if you bring added value before deciding to buy more expensive products.

If you want to write and sell your own E-book, you will have to think about a theme that responds to the problems of your audience. Here are some tips for creating your first e-book:
- Choose a theme for your e-book
- Establish a detailed plan with titles and subtitles
- Delegate the writing of each part to professional writers
- Use Canva to create your e-book cover
- Present your e-book to your readers on a sales page you will create. Then, add a link so they can buy it.

5. Create an online course

You can also make money with your blog by creating an online course. The content you will offer should be in video or audio format. If you can show your customers all the benefits of your e-book, you can raise the price. For example, you can offer an audio version of your e-book to increase your profits.

6. Start a membership site

Starting a membership club is the perfect way to ensure a long-term income. All you have to do is set up a paid subscription system. The users who pay for the subscription will not miss anything from your blogpost. This will also help you to evaluate the interest of the users in your blog. You will, however, have to offer unique content to your subscribers. For this type of monetization to be profitable, you need to have a high traffic rate. Also, you must choose a theme that is not easily accessible online. This will allow you to create the need for people to pay for a subscription to your blog.

Become an independent blogger

Companies are looking for people who can create content for them to optimize their marketing strategy. Becoming a freelance blogger will make it easier for you to generate revenue. So if you have any knowledge or experience in blogging, it’s in your best interest to offer this service to brands that require it. You should know that in the United States, the average annual income of a freelancer is $40,000, according to Glassdoor data. How much you earn will depend mostly on the niche you write in, but also, on your experience level.

How to monetize your blogpost?

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