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The importance of editing with punch for your TikTok videos

Instructions on how to edit your TikTok videos with punch and style

TikTok is one of the most popular social networking platforms of the moment. It’s the perfect place to post your videos and gain maximum views and shares in just a few minutes. But to get so much impact, you’ll need to create original content. Indeed, the success of your TikTok videos will depend mainly on the originality of your content. In addition to finding an original concept for your TikTok content, mastering editing techniques is also a must. Thus, you need to be on the lookout for the latest trends in video editing. One of these is adding punch to your videos.

What is a “punchy” edit?
A “punchy” edit consists, among other things, of making your video more eye-catching. The best practice? You have to make it short, synthetic and impactful. This process involves using transitions and special effects.

Getting in the “For You”: how does TikTok make your videos go viral?
TikTok users want their videos to appear in the “For you”. If the platform makes your content appear in this page, it means that your videos are successful. The “For you” page is reserved for content that TikTok has selected to make it viral on the platform. The videos on the “For You” page are then seen by a larger number of users.

Thus, it is important to know that the algorithm of TikTok is based on the principle of Batch. Here is a more precise explanation: when a video has just been published, the platform submits it to a panel of users. TikTok will first observe their behavior towards the video. To do this, the platform’s team will study the following key performance indicators:

Completion: the average viewing time of the content, which will then be divided by the total length of the video.

Engagement: which is the number of likes and reactions obtained, divided by the number of views.

Your video will therefore obtain a score from these two performance indicators on the test panel. TikTok will then give it a score and decide whether or not to push the content based on that. It is very important, therefore, to keep the attention of other users. The more likes you get from them, the more relevant your content will be in the eyes of the platform. TikTok promotes and pushes relevant and trending videos to the “For You” pages. This will ensure the further life of your video, as it will be seen by a wider audience.

So, if you want to optimize the performance of your TikTok videos, you’ll need to add some punch to your content!

Why make a “punched” montage?
Are you passionate about creating content on TikTok? Do you want to gain thousands, or even millions of subscribers? Do you dream of creating captivating and impactful videos like those of TikTok stars? Then editing your TikTok videos is a must!

Communicate your message better with a punched up video montage
One of the main interests of the contents on the TikTok platform is to get your message across to the user. And you have that there are many ways to get your point across. All you have to do is to give it your all in the editing of your video. To make people understand the point of the video, it’s best to add some punch to your video. You can add special effects or follow the content trends of the moment by using the right editing tool. In any case, punchy editing will allow you to better communicate your message. Your content will be more optimized thanks to this editing technique.

Reach your audience easily with a “punchy” edit
Want to know a fact? A punchy video gets the most views on TikTok and there’s no denying it. The videos that receive the highest number of views, likes and comments from users are the ones that stand out the most. You can tell at first glance that a lot of work and investment went into the video.

Creating more attractive videos to attract TikTok users
Ever wonder how these TikTok stars get millions of subscribers? The secret is that with every piece of content, they make a “punchy” edit so that their videos are the most attractive. It’s not enough to wear nice clothes, have authentic style, be a fashionista or have a pretty face. Do you want your videos to attract more interest from users, and therefore, from TikTok? Then you shouldn’t hesitate for a second to opt for a “punchy” edit.

Make a “punched” montage to attract and retain your followers
It’s not an easy thing to attract followers, especially if you’re new on the social network. And it’s even more complicated because this time, you’re not on any social network. You are now using TikTok, the most popular platform in 2023. So much so that there are individuals and professionals (companies, artisans, merchants, etc.). Regardless of your status, all users of the platform remain equal at the very beginning. That is to say with zero subscribers. To stand out from the crowd, creating content with a “punchy” editing is a great idea. And that goes for both personal content and ads.

Make your videos more memorable with a punchy edit
Videos on TikTok are designed to be entertaining and fun. That’s why people, especially young people and teenagers, love them. In order for your content to stick in people’s minds, a “punchy” edit is necessary. You’d better make your video short, with transitions, add a little suspense, etc. In short, a video that is personalized and well done on all levels will do the trick. Of course, this implies mastering and choosing your video editing tool well. This is what we will see below.

More dynamic videos to multiply views
It is also important to accumulate views and multiply them to ensure the life of your videos on TikTok. To do this, you’ll need to offer dynamic content that easily attracts attention. Our advice is to use transitions and special effects to make your videos as captivating as possible.

Good practices to make your TikTok videos successful
It should be noted that TikTok is an application designed for mobile use only. It is possible to access the platform on PC even if you do not have an account on the platform. In order to get the most subscribers, you will have to feed your account with new content. This means that you have to create videos. So, for your TikTok videos to be successful, you’re going to have to make sure they match the TikTok spirit. You also need to make sure that they are favored by the platform’s algorithm. Here are our tips for punting your TikTok videos effectively when editing.

If you have a brand to promote on TikTok, here are some practical tips to boost your visibility:

Build your audience
Explore all the ways you can use the platform to better develop your audience. Use your imagination and creativity. Create explainer videos, animal clips, short entertainments, participate in challenges. In short, be a trendsetter too!

Offer catchy TikTok videos
Remember that the average length of a video on TikTok is 15 seconds. But you can always combine it with clips to make 60 second videos. You can create your videos with Canva to avoid this time limit. You can then control the length of your video. And thus, maintain a high level of engagement.

Boost your visibility on the platform
Go for a design that reflects who you are. TikTok is a place where you can express yourself and show your talents and creativity. When you dare to show who you really are in your videos, you will easily win the hearts of your subscribers.

Start a branded challenge
You can also encourage people to participate in challenges that you have created yourself. This is how big social network celebrities easily build up the popularity level of their videos.

What are the best tools to edit your TikTok videos?
If you really want your TikTok videos to be more interesting, go for a “punchy” edit. You can create your videos with the design tools built into the app. However, if you want to do more complex editing, “punched up” editing as we say, it makes more sense to use software and/or apps to create your videos. Here is our selection of the best tools to make a TikTok-like edit. They will allow you to rely on a dynamic editing. But also, to have recourse to original effects, inaccessible in the design tools of the application.

1. Capcut
In the spring of 2021, the company behind TikTok is launching the video editing app Capcut. It is free, and is accessible on iOS and Android. Capcut has been a phenomenal success since its launch. The app is great to use since there are no ads or in-app purchases, in addition to being free. Tiktokers can take advantage of the many editing features in Capcut. These include automatic subtitling, 2D and 3D lettering, a dubbing section, sound effects, etc. It also offers to manage sharpness, contrast, exposure, and brightness. And let’s not forget the coolest features of Capcut: its huge music library and its 4K HDR resolution export formats! Once you’ve made a great edit in Capcut, all you have to do is share your video on TikTok.

2. InShot
You can create your videos in 12 different formats with InShot. These formats correspond perfectly to those of the social networks of the moment. This editing application also offers a text feature. You will be able, then, to add personalized texts at any moment of your video. Inshot also offers a complete set of video editing tools adapted to the needs of TikTok users. What’s a shame is that it doesn’t have a music library.

3. Funimate
Funimate is a fun application to make a “punched” video montage for TikTok. It has hundreds of visual effects at your disposal. You can even create your own effects with Funimate. You can find on this application, the editing features most appreciated by Tiktokers (slow motion, video cutting, adding text, lip sync, inserting still images and photos, cropping, etc.).

4. Adobe Premiere Rush
The video editing application Adobe Premiere Rush is available for iOS, Android, MacOS and Windows. It allows the design of video with the functionality of sharing and export to TikTok. It has the advantage of being easy to use. It is the application you need to make a successful and punchy editing of your short videos for TikTok. You can also find original texts, editing effects, and various transitions on Adobe Premiere Rush. All these features are in line with the TikTok codes.

5. TikTok Video Editor
TikTok has been offering its online video editor since April 2021. TikTok Video Editor is an online tool reserved exclusively for professional account campaigns. Its advantages ? Its ease of use, numerous visual effects, a wide selection of filters and stickers, music, and many editing tools. With this tool, you can use photos only and enjoy a rich editing functionality. Sharing is instantaneous, since Tiktok Video Editor is integrated with professional accounts.

There are many tools for creating and editing videos with effects and formats specific to TikTok. Just go to the iOs and Android stores to find your ideal editing tool. But to enjoy the best features, a premium subscription is often necessary. For now, Capcut is the only exception, so it’s not surprising to see its popularity and worldwide success.

To conclude, remember that the success of your TikTok videos depends on their relevance and performance. If you want to reach a maximum number of people, keep your subscribers and gain new ones, you will have to create more content. Be creative, show your personality, because TikTok is the ideal platform to let your expressions run free. For the editing, prefer a punchy video to make your video more memorable. A punchy, original video with transitions and special effects

The importance of editing with punch for your TikTok videos

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